A history of caring and innovation.

Signia has helped people with hearing loss for more than 130 years and is the largest, most innovative manufacturer of hearing instruments in the world. In fact, one out of every four hearing aids being used worldwide is a Signia. Signia hearing products help hearing care providers deliver personalized hearing solutions to their patients—enabling them to lead richer, fuller lives. Signia integrates the most innovative and advanced technologies into products that meet the widest variety of needs. More than 70 percent of Signia Hearing Instruments’ products are less than two years old. Signia is committed to creating solutions for all types and degrees of hearing loss, while fulfilling the design, function, and cosmetic preferences of each individual consumer. Signia serves professionals and patients with the passion to innovate and the experience to deliver. With the industry’s broadest product portfolio—including completely invisible, waterproof, rechargeable hearing aids and award-winning accessories that connect a user’s hearing aids wirelessly to mobile phones, TVs, MP3 players, and other media devices—and the best training, tools and support hearing care professionals use with confidence.

Helping people with hearing loss for more than 130 years.

The history of Signia Hearing Instruments is a story about caring for family and employees. Founder Werner von Siemens invented the first hearing instrument in 1878 because his hearing-impaired wife found it difficult to use the telephone. In 1910, the company created the first line of hearing aids for Signia employees and their families—many of whom (like Werner von Siemens himself) suffered hearing damage during military service. Because Signia always valued corporate responsibility, the hearing aids were soon made available to everyone.

Solutions that fit a wide range of hearing needs and lifestyles.

A pioneer in audiology, Signia has always put the preferences and needs of the wearer first. Now, thanks to extensive research into consumers’ motivations and lifestyles, the company is even better prepared to provide the most comfortable, distinct, and personalized solutions. From tiny and discreet to completely invisible and even waterproof, Signia hearing devices are manufactured to support even the most active lifestyles. Award-winning accessories work seamlessly with the instruments, helping wearers stay connected to and take advantage of today’s ever-changing technology.

Inspired by our customers.

Signia customers inspire the company to design the best hearing instruments that not only improve people’s hearing, but also improve lives. With Signia, hearing care professionals can be confident they have the widest selection of products, performance levels, and price ranges to choose from—enabling them to select the best solution for their patients. Click here to read more about Signia Hearing Products

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