“Living Well with Hearing Aids” Program

Total Hearing Solutions is proud to announce our Aural Rehabilitation program, “Living Well with Hearing Aids.” The program is designed to assist a hearing aid wearer to communicate more successfully with both hearing aids AND communication strategies.

The program is designed to provide strategies that will improve communication for hearing aid wearers and their significant others.

Since hearing loss can have such a profound effect on your life and the lives of those around you, we recommend that you watch this course with your love ones. They will gain valuable insight into hearing loss and hearing aids, as well as a much better as well as a much better understanding of how to best communicate with someone who has difficulty hearing.


Part 1 – Anatomy and Basics of Hearing Loss

Part 2 – Why can I Hear but not Understand?

Part 3 – Keys to Successful Communication

Part 4 – Hearing Aids and Assistive Technology

Part 5 – Hearing Loss and your Health

If you have questions regarding the content in the course, please call our office to schedule an appointment with your audiologist so your concerns can be appropriately addressed.

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